What makes one teacher or parent ‘better” than the other?

The one ingredient that makes All the difference between YOU being able to See your child realizing and manifesting his/her genius and Thriving OR  struggling to survive on this planet is this – Your ENERGY or your Energy State of Being.

Experience the Power of Energy Realignment with Dr.Raji and BE the parent who is incomparable, competent and confident in unleashing the inherent genius abilities in Your child.

Upcoming Sessions

Thriving beyond Labels

Learn who you and your child are in reality and how your child can thrive beyond the seeming limitations of “labels/diagnosis”  by mastering the art of thriving on planet earth as energy beings.

  • 2 Months from the date of register

  • Group Sections

Expansion with Joy!

Why you and your child have come on this planet during these exciting times? What is the intention and purpose of life? What is expansion and how you and your child can live your best life joyously?

Learn all this and more while experiencing the energy re-alignment simultaneously in the session.

  • 4 Months from the date of register

  • Group Sections

Evolving with your child

Autism is the next stage in human evolution. Your child is among the pioneer teachers and leaders who are showing the rest of “humanity” how to evolve as a new species on this planet. Experience the evolutionary leap in your energies in this exciting session that will equip and empower you to evolve with ease, grace and appreciation for all that is!

  • 6 Months from the date of register

  • Group Sections


This is the KEY to the success of this unique and revolutionary program – leveraging the benefits of the healing sessions with Dr.Raji which helps SHIFT your state of being while you participate in your child’s education. Thus facilitating the unfolding of the genius in your child with or without the ‘autism’ label.

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